Women at the gym (and why we love them) Part 1

Here’s to all the types of women we find at the gym.

Guys are always glad to see women at the gym. Well because, besides the obvious opportunity to flex harder, sausage workout parties can get really boring after awhile. So whenever women grace the gym, we men get inspired to push ourselves harder. In honour of all the strong, beautiful sistas we find at the gym, here are the ones we’d like to give shout-out to:

Run The World Girl

I didn't drive to the gym. I ran here.

I didn’t drive to the gym. I ran here.

You make the energizer bunny look like a demotivated tortoise. 5k runs? Pfft. More like 5 treadmills… at the same time. You are the inspiration for renewable energy. With you around, we’d probably no longer need windmills. A true inspiration for people who dream of making a run at marathons. You go run, girl.

The Bold Buff And Beautiful

You have to lift this much to get my number.

You have to lift this much to get my number.

You can lift just about anything. You don’t need to catch men’s attention; you grab them by the D. You prove to the world that big and strong is not just for men to own. And when someone asks if you ever do cardio, your reply is “My cardio is more reps”. Like a true heavyweight champ, the meek will bow down to you on the squat racks and let you go first. You are not just a female lifter among men, you lift them up with inspiration.

The Ying Yang Girl

They forgot to leave the light on for me…

You know that lifting weights and protein shakes doesn’t make you bulk up. You strike just the right balance of cardio and weights for perfectly sculpted curves. You’ve done your research, so you know what to eat and how much to lift. Lifted too heavy? Well, sprint another 10 minutes then. You’ve bust myths about both weights and cardio, and we salute you for finding that outer peace.

The Girl with Headphones

Although it seems like you’re in your own world, we want you to know – you are not alone. We would put on headphones too if we were bombarded with pick-up lines every time we went to the gym. You just want to be in the zone, so with your headphones on, your silent message is “More workout. Less chat up.” Thank you, girl with headphones, you give those puns a good punt.

The Damsel in Distress

You survey the gym, pick out a machine, and get pumped up. But then you realise that you have no idea how to use it properly. No worries, all you need to do is flick your hair in frustration, blink your puss-in-boots eyes and voila – a line of muscle bound princes appear to help you out. We’d like to give a shout-out to you, Damsel in Distress, not because you need help from the guys but because you know how to use other aspects of “physical strength” to get the “gains” you want 😉

Women At The Gym will return in Part 2.
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