Inside The Mind Of People Who Can’t Keep Weight Off

While losing the weight is easy, keeping it lost is like Lindsey Lohan keeping her sh!t together.

There was a time when fat was beautiful, same time another human could literally take everything you own, as long as they had the title King before their long-winded name. That time is over. It’s the era of so-dehydrated-my-abs-are-showing is sexy. Now, everyone at one point or another in his or her life has said ‘I need to lose weight’, went on to diet and worked out before slowly sliding back to old ways of Netflix and junk food at 1AM.

To these confused and frustrated human pufferfishes, losing the weight is, like losing one half of their socks – easy. Keeping it lost is, well, like finding the other half of their socks, hard. Because…

#4 They talk more than they actually walk

going to gym

Thought we’d start off with the most obvious one. The guys and girls that lose one pound before quickly gaining two.

If I burnt a calorie for every time I heard someone moan “I need to lose weight”, I’d be 6-pack ripped by now. Because that’s all it ever amounts to, talk. Which is also how they lost that 1 pound by the way, talking… And then gain 2 back with cans of soft drinks for all the thirst that talking built up.

Dude, just walk the talk, literally.

#3 They start off looking for shortcuts


If a quickie is all you were looking for, there’s no way in hell it’s going to amount to anything long term. As much as we hate commitment, being fit and staying that way is a commitment, a lifetime commitment. So if you started out looking for a quick bang result, let me assure you that you’re weight loss journey is not going to end happy once the numbers on the scale stop going down on you.

Seriously, just stay consistent with a plan.

#2 They rely on external motivation


They talk all the time about going to the gym to keep fit. But they know they’ll never actually get into it for long. So they make the ingenious move of signing up for 3-year gym memberships with the believe that, ‘Since I’m forced to pay every month, I’ll definitely go to them gym often’. The best last a month. The rest last a week. If you can’t stay consistent with a plan without relying on external push factors, don’t even bother.

Just give the money to charity, and run at the park instead.

#1 They cheat


It’s always the same story, guy meets diet plan, flirts around with the idea of cardio, falls in love with the weight he sees dropping on the scale, bumps into an old flame grilled juicy chicken dripping in sweet sauce, dumps the diet and regrets it for the rest of his life.

Just pick a fitness plan and diet, and stay loyal to it.

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