The Most Ridiculous MMA Submissions

4 of the most embarrassing submissions ever pulled off.

It’s bad enough to submit to another man in front of a crowd, it’s worse to be submitted with your legs spread-eagled. Here are four of the most embarrassing submissions, that also looked completely ridiculous, ever pulled off in the cage:

The Banana Split,

Speaking of embarrassing, this was the submission we were talking about. Jamelle Jones applied this shame-inducing submission on Danny Holmes in what looked like an excruciating painful experience for poor ol’ Danny boy. In fact, we’re surprised he lasted that long, most men would have tapped the moment they felt their family jewels in jeopardy.

The Smother Sub

Obviously, this could only be expertly executed by heavyweights. Emmanuel Yarborough had so much blubber to work with he simply laid on top of Tatsuaki Nakano, suffocating him into submission. This must have been the first time a fighter benefited for not being in-shape.

Chin To Eye

Chris Haseman was so resourceful it caused a sport wide ban on any contact with an opponent’s eyes. This sneaky mofo found the loophole because back then, eye gauges meant fingers to eyes only. So the crafty lensman plunged his chin into his opponent’s eye when both hands were busy holding his victim down.

Tornado Swing To Achilles Lock

If anyone has been playing too many Street Fighter games, it would be Genki Sudo. To get out of his opponent’s guard, the infamous fighter grabbed his legs and proceeded to tornado-swing him like the equally infamous Zangief. This may seem like another wild Genki antic, but the unorthodox fighter was really setting up the perfect Achilles Lock.

Genki Sudo then went to be less threatening and formed the wacky music group – World Order.

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