The Case Against Conor McGregor (being a diva)

Here’s why we think McGregor shouldn’t have thrown a b!*ch fit

There’s a lot to thank Conor McGregor for. He put the limelight back on Mixed Martial Arts after Rousey got KO’d, and subsequently developed Agoraphobia. He made it entertaining to watch the build ups again. And now, you’d sit through a press conference if you knew he was there. He sold us fights.

But it does seem that having spent so much time building the business, he actually thinks he is the business. It’s never a good thing when a fighter thinks he can pull the rug under the people who put the fights together. We humbly present the case against McGregor throwing a b*&!h fit:

He fights in a sport that’s fighting for legitimacy

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There are rankings, divisions, and a company that owns and runs the entire organisation. The company has spent decades legitimising MMA, from implementing rules during the prehistoric years to the current ninja-like USADA spot checks. They got here by implementing processes and structured marketing plans, a fighter cannot and should not break this momentum of progress.

He is not offending just the company


He defamed the owners of the championship and he lied. Twice (on Twitter). He metaphorically spat on the people who gave him a chance. What did he think would happen? The old saying would be “never bite the hand that feeds you” but I prefer the recent quote by FOX Sports 1 host, Colin Cowherd; “Here’s a rule for a 27-year-old millionaire – don’t take on a 50-year-old billionaire. You will lose every single time.”

He will not be the last of his kind,,,,,,

Yes, McGregor is a truly unique fighter/entertainer. But there will be others. New fighters with their own spectacular fighting style, their own propensity to verbally hype a fight, their own countrymen behind them. He has set a precedence in MMA like Ali did for boxing, others will follow. If you lump all combat sports together, he is but one of many self-made antagonists. And he should consider that.

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