The Awesomeness of Durian And Its Myths (Busted)

Durian season is here! Get the low down before you chow down on the King of Fruits.

Ramadan season is here, a time when our Muslim friends fast all day before ending it at sunset with a feast to replenish themselves. It is also, Durian season. Coincidence? I think not. I prefer serendipity.

Families will gather and enjoy the king of fruits after a hefty meal. And somewhere between the conversations, someone (Dad or Mom) will utter a crazy myth that, with the existence of Google, sounds completely irrational. But somehow, you still make a mental note, on say – to never drink beer after eating durian. Because you will die. Like we said, crazy. So here are some actual facts to arm yourself in the next durian debate:

The Good Benefits

Durian is rich in nutrients like potassium, iron, vitamins C and B complexes, which all contribute to improving blood pressure, red blood cell formation and your immunity. Here is a chart (by someone far smarter than the writer) that details the nutritional content:

Durian is also packed with monounsaturated fats that that can actually lower harmful cholesterol levels and moderate your high blood pressure [1].

The Bad Myths

Cheers to stupidity!

Cheers to stupidity!

Ready for some craziness? Here we go: Drink salt water from the durian husk after eating. Why? Because it relieves “heatiness”. Well, salt does moderately reduce toxins but there is no scientific fact to prove that it will reduce “heatiness” (that doesn’t exist in the first place!).

The final Fear Factor challenge for white people.

The final Fear Factor challenge for white people.

Next, you should eat durian with mangosteen to balance out the “heatiness”. (This heatiness is going to come up a couple of times, just forewarning) There is no evidence that this is true, and it probably started because the two fruits are harvested at about the same time.

"I hope you die."

“I hope you die.”

Again with the heatiness, drinking alcohol (or Coke) after durian will kill you due to over heatiness or worse – internal combustion. Listen, that’s insinuating that somehow durian and alcohol magically have explosive elements when combined.

I can't... something stinks.

I can’t… something stinks.

Leave it to Asians and everything will eventually be an aphrodisiac. But of course white man science will ask “Where is the evidence!?”, but if you believe in ‘chi’ and other magic, then eat to your junk’s content.

Last and thankfully least – Durian gives you high cholesterol. This could not be further from the truth, durian has zero cholesterol. People probably make the assumption that since it is packed with good fats, it somehow must jack up your bad cholesterol.

The Ugly Truths

Though durians are rich in healthy fats, it does carry a hefty amount of calories. Check this; an average 1 kg sized durian packs up to 1,350 calories. If you’re not an athlete who trains daily, that is a heck ton of calories. And let’s face it, you can easily power through a few durians in one family gathering.

Bad news for diabetics, you really should avoid durians. The king of fruits is also royally packed with glucose, fructose and sucrose. One to three seeds are about 20g to 30g of carbohydrates, which is about a bowl of white rice.

So my fellow Durian lovers, as with anything in life – moderation is key! Happy feasting.

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