Our Top MMA Commentators (who also kick ass)

The best MMA commentators are those who have a great combo of charisma and fight experience. Here are our top MMA commentators who are badasses in and out of the cage.

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In this day and age, you should really to know your sh!t before talking. Anyone can Google fact check and call you out. More so if it’s your job. As an MMA commentator, there is nothing more credible than actually having had professional fights. Here are our favourite commentators who kick(ed) ass thus qualifying as legit in-fight hosts. (Honourable mentions: Bas Rutten, Pat Miletich, Kenny Florian, who all didn’t make the list due to Dutch antics, sloth-like persona, and plagiarism, respectively)



Brian Stann (UFC)

His epic battle with Wanderlai Silva in Japan will be forever etched in our memory. The former WEC champion has since retired and is now a commentator for most of the UFC FOX cards. With his fight experience and true MMA knowledge, viewers get an in-depth analysis of what’s going on every moment of every fight.





Dominick Cruz (FOX)

Probably one of the most analytical minds in the fight game, the UFC Bantamweight champ brings to the table in-fight evaluation that is both insightful and inspirational. Yes yes, we know that he has only commentated a handful of times, but those rare occasions were pure analytical gold.





Jimmy Smith (Bellator)

On the other side of the MMA landscape sits Bellator, and its reigning host is Jimmy Smith. What he lacks in hype man energy he makes up with professionalism and fight knowledge. His calm and collected hosting flow always levels the chaos of the fight, bringing back to a professional sport.




Dan Hardy (UFC England)

Dan’s commentary is as sharp as his Mohawk (before he went all hipster). This former title contender delivers every insight with a precision and eloquence of a striking technician. And his accent is really like icing on the cake.





Chael Sonnen (WSOF)

The former King of Sh!t Talking is now back on the mic at WSOF. He brings the same ability to excite the fans about a fight into commentating. Listening to his commentary is more like edutainment. No stranger inside the octagon, Chael has had multiple title fights in two weight classes. Couple that with exceptional verbal forte and you have yourself a show.



Joe Rogan (UFC)

Although this man has never fought an MMA match, he has long been kicking ass in Tae Kwon Do tournaments and he has two black belts in BJJ from Jean Jacques Machado and Eddie Bravo respectively. But the main reason Rogan is the undisputed king of MMA commentators is the fact that his enthusiasm and MMA knowledge is second to none. He has the gift to both educate and excite the viewers about any fight. In a lot of ways, the UFC’s entertainment value is much built on Rogan’s delivery.

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