Meet The Suicide Squats

The most badass squats for you and your #skwd to try out.

Here at The Tough List we pride ourselves on writing about the toughest sh!t to do and riding on whatever’s trending, hence – The Suicide Squats! (movie was, uh, so so). Here are the most badass (and unconventional) squats for you and your workout squad to try out:

Zercher Squat

Pronouncing this move is hard enough let alone pull it off. Touted for building a strong upper back and torso, the Zercher Squat will challenge both your core and arm strength at the same time.

With your elbows bent at your side, place the barbell in the crook of your bent elbows. Squat until your elbows go between your knees or the bar touches your thighs. [1]

Barbell Hack Squat

While ‘hacks’ are meant to simplify things, this hack makes squats harder. Like a sh!t ton harder. And a strange power to induce extreme butthole puckering. Regardless to say, this modified squat is sure to hack your squat routine, leveling it up to bossmode.

Position a barbell just behind your legs, with your feet flat on the floor or heels raised on a small plate. Grab the barbell behind you with an overhand (palms facing backward) grip. Keeping your back arched and chest up, extend your hips and knees until you are standing straight up. [1]

Bulgarian Split Squat

Those crazy Bulgarians. Always making sh!t harder with their impoverished, third-world way of life.  Just couldn’t settle of good ol’ squats, no they had to go and make it single leg-muscle focused with a bench behind. Thanks, Bulgaria, GFYS.


Place one foot a few feet behind you on a bench or raised platform. Keeping an upright torso, begin by pushing your hips back, like in a back squat. Allow your back leg to bend at the knee. Descend until you reach the bottom position, which can be when your front leg reaches parallel, or when your back knee touches the ground. [1]

Overhead Squat

Want to really feel that burn? Hoist the actual weights you were planning on squatting, and keep them there the entire set, setting your arms on fai-yah.

Snatch or press the barbell overhead and, while keeping it over your center of gravity, perform a squat. Overhead squats demand a certain degree of shoulder mobility to be executed correctly, but taking wide grip on the barbell makes this much easier. [1]

Bosu Pistol Squat (with weights)

I saved the best for last. This seemingly easy maneuver will test your stability, balance and core strength, but let’s be honest, you will fumble the first time and most of you would fail. But if you keep at it, maybe, just maybe you’d pull it off. I wouldn’t be surprised if the crazy as$hole who invented this worked at Cirque du Soleil.

Stand on the Bosu ball with one foot in the center and the other foot in the air in front of you. Hold the weights mid curl. Lower yourself into a squat, straightening your arms out in front of you. Keep your knee behind your toe throughout the Squat and keep your butt back. Once your thigh is parallel to the ground, push off your heel to return to the starting position. [2]

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