How To Get Moves Like Dominick Cruz

The reigning UFC Bantamweight champ has footwork like a squirrel on ecstasy. Here’s how you can train to move like the slippery champion.

Dominick Cruz dethroned the former bantam weight champ TJ Dillashaw in what we saw as a literal dance to the death. Sort of. Both fighters had footwork like Michael Jackson on ecstasy, but the pioneer Cruz had that the extra pep in his step. So if you’re a budding martial artist or flatfooted wrestler looking to improve your footwork, here are some ways:

Take up salsa


This dance may look queer af but the footwork involved is as complicated as quantum physics.

Be a part time stripper

Not the actual stripping per say, but the footwork needed to avoid the pervy hands that reach out to cop a feel as they slip that dollar note between your neon green thongs.

Chase chickens

1.09 chicken chasin'

As seen on Rocky and more recently, Creed, this is actually helpful. No joke. The constant maneuvering, switching stances, and squatting, does train your footwork. UFC fighter Rose Namajunas does this, but with her dog.

Become a James Brown impersonator

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.03.49 PM

Come on. Do we really have to explain why the Godfather of Soul has the best footwork?

Train with ants in your pants. Or a mouse.


Nothing will make you have fire footwork like fire ants. In your pants. Stuff a gang of them in your sweat pants, pull your drawstrings tight, seal the bottoms with tape and start shadow boxing.

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