Sneaky Seeds & Veggies That Secretly Pack Protein

We all know meat and dairy are the best source of protein, but there are those sneaky seeds and shifty veggies that secretly pack tons of precious protein.

In this day and age when movements like #meatlessmondays are gaining steam and cow farts are being blamed for global warming, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a good slab of protein without feeling guilty. It’s time to be a responsible global citizen and find protein sources that are climate change-friendly!



The next time you hit the sushi bar, don’t just make a beeline for the fishy stuff. Give these overlooked beans a try because one cup of these green guys contains 22 grams of protein, oss!



Believe it or not, your next protein buddy is just hanging out at your favourite mamak stall. One serving of dhal is packed with the goodness of lentils, which offers a neat 18 grams of protein in every cup. Macha! double dhal!


Avocado Board

Avocados are perfect for the busy protein hunter because there’s no cooking required to reap its benefits. Add it to a salad or a smoothie for a quick boost. Or just go caveman and eat it raw.




It’s not called a superfood for nothing. One serving of quinoa gives you a whopping 22 grams of protein. That’s almost equivalent to the amount of protein you get from a serving of chicken breast. You’re looking like you weak b!tch, chicken breast, what’s up.


Chia Seeds


Keep a bottle of chia seeds handy and sprinkle ‘em on all your favourite salads, smoothies, desserts, dips, etc. Why? Because two tablespoons pack almost 4 grams of protein. Why? Because Nature wants you to get gains.


Baked Potato


Potato has always been seen as a carb heavyweight. But did you know it is no lightweight in the protein arena? 1 large baked potato slams in 6.2 grams of protein. To make it an easy, healthy win, serve it with broccoli and low-fat cheese. Sure, that sounds as exciting as watching a sloth eat hay, but at least you’ll be a ripped-sexy-and-i-know-it sloth eating hay.




This pasar malam favourite is another low-profile protein champion. Half a cup is all you need to get 5.9 grams of protein. So grab a cup and go ape on the chick peas.

Pumpkin Seeds


The next time you’re feeling peckish, snack on a cup of pumpkin seeds and reap an average of 16 grams of protein. A snack with benefits! Mmmm…mmm…Netflix and seeds?



Commonly found at nasi campur stalls, each serving of tempeh offers up a mouthwatering 16 grams of protein. Dip into some fiery chili sauce for an added kick to your meal.


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