Carb Out! Our Top 6 Carb Replacements

Getting rice and bread off your plate is like looking for parking space in a mall on a Saturday afternoon. Not impossible, but close. And when you tell friends and family of your intention to go rice-free and bread-less, they look upon you with pity (or horror). Is it possible to find worthy replacements for these carbo superstars? Well, here are six to get you started.




Cauliflower is as ubiquitous as rice and bread. But that’s not the main reason why it made it on this list. The key advantage cauliflower has over other vegetables in the kingdom is its versatility. Mash it to recreate the texture of rice, or transform them into cheesy cauliflower breadsticks — the possibilities are endless!




What? Pasta as an alternative to rice and bread? We can already hear some of you going “eh, that’s cheating!”. But trust us, there are some delicious carb-free pasta to be had in this universe. Say goodbye to carbo-crashing with mouthwatering dishes like eggplant lasagna and carrot spaghetti noodles. It does take a little effort to prepare; but hey, nothing worth doing is ever easy. Just ask Theodore Roosevelt.


Ikan masak assam and ulam


Cheap, fast, and good; this traditional Malay dish ticks all the boxes. Stock your refrigerator with four angled-beans, cucumbers, okra, a smashing jar of sambal and you’re all set for a healthy carb-free lunch. If you happen to be out and about, just stop by any self-respecting warung for your fix of fiery greens.




The best thing about oatmeal is that it’s quite tasteless on its own, which makes it a perfect substitute. Eat it alongside your favourite nasi campur dishes and you’ll soon forget about existence of rice. And instead of having toast for breakfast, try one of these Pinterest-worthy overnight oat recipes.




Beans make for excellent replacements because they fill you up without weighing you down. They are also rich in fibre and protein, and taste great with soups and sauces alike. As for the bad rep beans get for causing flatulence, try this one-pot bean recipe and let us know how it goes in the comments! Just don’t blame us if your housemates move out.




This is really the super replacement for any carb. This grain is touted as a superfood thanks to it being high in fiber and having high-quality protein, how much? One half cup of quinoa has 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, boom. In fact, that’s more protein than any other grain while also packing in iron and potassium.

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