Awesome Workouts At The Beach

Going on a holiday but don’t want to stop your workout routine? Then follow these awesome beach workouts.

You’re looking for a much needed holiday, but can’t give up your gym routine. And you want to flaunt your raw sex appeal to them bikini babes or those speedo dudes or both – whichever that floats your boat, we don’t judge. But before you go mental looking for hotels with gyms, hear us out – the beach can be a decent alternative. And you’ll be surprised what simple and fun things you can do that is actually a good workout.

Running into the ocean

Sexiest. Man. Ever.

Sexiest. Man. Ever.

You see the beach over yonder. Your impulses tell you to go for it. And you run like a dehydrated donkey who had just found an oasis, you throw up your hands and greet the waves before ungracefully crashing into them. Add 20 reps and you’re building strength and power in the lower part of your body.

Wave Jumping

Should we tell her to jump? Naaah.

Should we tell her to jump? Naaah.

Walk into the deeper part of the seabed, or till you start to gulping seawater, then just as you start to panic, jump! Keep doing it and you’ll soon realise that you’re actually doing squats (also because if you don’t keep doing it the current will pull you to a watery death).

Submerging your Ball

Of course you're submerging your balls, am I right, guys?

Of course we submerg our balls in water, am I right, guys?

Your beach ball buddies left you in the ocean alone with the damn ball? Why not get a workout while you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Trying to keep a floating ball submerged for as long as you possibly can will help tone your arms and shoulders.

Stay Still

Can you guess what I just did?

Can you guess what I just did? Here’s a clue: it’s warm around me.

You must be thinking; “Pfft, I do that, like, all day.” But it is actually really hard, if it’s at sea. Stand waist high into the water, and if you’re able to stay as static as possible, you’d be strengthening your core. If your friends ask, just say you were taking a  long pee.

Walk (Or Jog) On Water

I know what you’re thinking, and no, not in the biblical sense. When we say walk on water, we mean like literally walk the coast, at waist or ankle level high. For dramatic effect, jog like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson in slow-mo.

Crawling On Sand

I'm not working out, just looking for my car keys.

I’m not working out, just looking for my car keys.

If you’ve gotten enough of drinking sea water, we suggest hitting the beach for a crawl. A rather awkward full body workout but hey, it gets the job done in building your core strength. Just avoid heading towards women and children.


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