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As we are fairly new, we are still compiling our analytics. So come back soon.





Native Advertising: Content Creationcontent-marketing

When a brand or media agency approaches us to advertise, we tackle the brief very differently. Our platforms stretch beyond online banners so your brand would be able to reach audiences through video, native advertising and, soon, events. We customise content to meet the objectives of the brief but also ensure that it remains native to the platform and also true to The Tough List brand.

Our content creators are a group of creative, strategic, and experienced marketers who are passionate about collaborating with brands. We encourage experimentation with measurable reach, and are always on the move to adjust and re-create content to reach optimum results.

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Audience Profile

Our audiences are people who care about fitness and overall health, yet are inclined to see the lighter side of it. Let’s just say humour appeals to our ‘Tough-Listers’. They are social media active, consumes online content, and are open to combat sports. We don’t like labelling our audiences but if we have to – they are in 15 to 45 age group, all genders and primarily urban.



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