5 MMA Moves That Deserve Superhero Names

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – my fist in your face. MMA moves that should have superhero names.


According to MMA historians (also known as keyboard warriors who live in their parents’ basements), the earliest ‘Superman Punch’ was first documented in UFC 20 when Bas Rutten won the Heavyweight title against Kevin Randleman. Since then, commentators jump at any opportunity to exclaim the superhero named move every time a fighter leaps forward with a punch. So here are some notable MMA moves we feel also deserve superhero names:

Hulk Smash














This double handed ground and pound is a classic homage to the big green savage. The two hand slam is only complete if the fighter yells “Hulk smash!” while simultaneously dropping hammer fists with both hands.

Batman Slap,

Also known as the “Stockton Slap”, this shame inducing palm strike is clearly a nod at the infamous meme of Batman b!tch slapping Robin. Nerd Fact: The original panel was from the 1965 comic book “World’s Finest #153″.

Spiderman Stance

With confusing the opponent being it’s only benefit, this squatting stance resembles either how Spiderman watches TV or a man taking a dump. Or Spiderman taking a dump.

Ironman Hand

The repulsor blast is Ironman’s way of saying “No means no” without killing someone. Its MMA counterpart move is also a way of saying no to punches by blocking the opponent’s vision and tapping their lead fist.

Thor Throw

The overhand punch has knocked the brain cells out of many fighters over the years. This brawler favourite go-to move can be linked back to how the Norse God would throw his hammer at pesky neighbour kids trespassing his vegetable garden.

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